Program Policies & FAQ's Lil' Kickers Program Policies

Sports facility rentals


  1. Customers may transfer their child at any point in the session.
  2. All class transfers are dependent upon space availability.
  3. Coaches may suggest transferring classes, parents must approve class change at the front desk.

Make-up Classes

  1. Make-ups are done on a space available basis.
  2. Make-ups do not carry over into the next session.
  3. Make-Ups may be done at any time during the current registered session.


  1. No spaces in any class are guaranteed without payment.
  2. All registrations are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  3. ASC Avondale Youth Sports Membership is required for all participants.
  4. Registration is always open, and the fees are prorated after the start of the session.

Trial Classes

  1. All first time trial classes are free of charge.
  2. Customers may only do trials in classes that have space available.
  3. We do not allow trials on the field after the start of the class, please arrive about 15 minutes before the start of class so you can check in with the front desk and get to the correct spot on the field.
  4. No trial classes are available the last week of a session.

Discipline Policy

In order to keep classes safe and fun for all Lil’ Kickers, the following Discipline Policy is enforced by Lil’ Kicker coaches, and ASC Staff.  

    1. 1st offense:  Verbal warning to the child by the coach.
    2. 2nd offense (same class): Child removed from class and brought to their parent.  Expectations are reset and after a brief (3-4 minute) time off of the field, the child is welcomed back to class.
    3. 3rd offense (same class):  Child is removed from class for the day. If this happens 3 times within a LK session, child is to be removed from class and a refund will be given for classes not taken.


    1. Multiple Class Discounts: all participants who register for two or more classes per week, in the same session will receive $15 off the second class.
    2. Sibling Discounts: siblings are defined as children that reside in the same household and are under the care of the same parent/guardian. After one child is enrolled, the discount is $15 for siblings enrolled during the same session.

*Discounts only apply to full session registration. One discount per session.


Special group pricing and scheduling is available.

Any interested group contact